Monika Jarosz is a maker of unique pieces, stunning and fairy …


KOBJA is a unique collection of fashion accessories for men and women, created and developed by Monika Jarosz. As a small child, her grandmother told her fairytales, which increased her fascination with animals and insects day by day… Her subsequent experience in fashion modelling would help her to open her eyes to design, with its lines, volumes and materials… She very quickly understood that it was possible to work with the products of nature, the trigger which led her to develop her first leather accessory: a purse made from toad skin, available in several models and sizes. It took many months of research, fine-tuning and testing to “give birth” to her first collection of KOBJA accessories. Monika only works with complete toad skins*, which, once recovered, are tanned and transformed by taxidermists, using a unique, detailed process.

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It takes more than 14 stages to obtain a high quality leather! The colours of the leather are produced at the tannery in France, while the assembly and fine stitching work are done at KOBJA’s Parisian workshop, a process which makes each piece totally unique.


* Do something for the environment. Eco-friendly, Kobja uses only toad skins from Oceania that are recycled. Indeed, this species was introduced for a specific ecological purpose, then became invasive, and today it is recognized for its toxicity and is harmful to many other species. Kobja works with animal protection associations that hunt this species.

The Princess and the Frog


Once upon a time there was a princess who loved to play with her golden ball. One day, when she was walking in the park of her castle, she dropped her ball into the bottom of the well. A frog passed by, who proposed to find it for her, in exchange for a meal at her table, a night in her bed and … a kiss. The princess accepted, with the firm intention of not keeping her promises. When her father, the king, understood what had happened, and the broken promises of his daughter, he made her honor them.

The girl finally kissed the frog, which turned into a lovely prince charming who was in love with her.
– Beautiful Princess, thank you. You have delivered me from the evil that a witch inflicted upon me a hundred years ago. I am the Prince of a neighboring country and I love you. Please marry me!
The King was delighted with the story. He gave his daughter’s hand to the Prince and the wedding was celebrated for a month. The Prince and the Princess were happy for a long time and had many children.

kobja, toad, shop, frog, handmade, handcrafted, wallet, purse, gift, cadeau