Orpiment, also known as Royal yellow is a deep orange-yellow colored. It takes its name from the Latin auripigmentum (aurum − gold + pigmentum  − pigment).


Frog purse, in genuine Rhinella Marina leather. Each piece is unique, handcrafted in our Parisian workshop. The features, size and singularity can vary from one frog to another. Fabrication requires a long manufacturing process and no less than 17 steps. Eco-friendly, Kobja works with associations of animal welfare, which hunt this species of amphibian, because today it unbalances all Oceanian fauna and flora.


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LEATHER Genuine Rhinella Marina
INTERIOR Premium lambskin
ZIP Riri with KOBJA
EYES Crystal Swarovski
WIDTH 7.5 – 8 cm
HIGHT 11 – 12 cm
FABRICATION Manufactured in France